week 2:
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Quimby Road (Murillo start)

Fear the switchbacks!

RSVP for today's climb after the previous week's climb!

Results are posted!

Josh Hadley photo
The evil switchbacks of Quimby! ( Josh Hadley photo )

results?right here!
distance3.3 miles (5.3 km)
climbing1700 ft (518 meters)
where?see below
when?13 Oct 2012
what timeregistration 9:00 to 10:00
climb starts @ 10:10
RSVPcheck back later!
waiverPlease fill one out before the climb!
how?mass start
how much?$10 (free for juniors
and those with volunteer credit)
why?why not?
volunteerssign up!
aerial viewStanford Cycling
weatherWeather Underground
deja-vu?1995(10) 1997(7) 1998(5) 2008(3)

Cover your head, not your ears...

Sorry, folks! Our insurance requires all riders wear helmets during the cl