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Low-Key HillClimb Series:
Week #8 - Bohlman Road - On Orbit Lane - Bohlman Road; 22 Nov 1997


Week 8 results are in!!!

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Numbers. They are abstract. One.... two..... eight.
What do they mean?

9.1% over 7 km.
Just numbers. There are so many. Too many.
What do they mean?

12.5% over 3 km.
Numbers. On a page. In a book. On a screen.
They are everywhere.
What do they mean?

13.2% over 2 km.
...the first thing we see in the morning, the last thing we see at night...
What do they mean?

14.2% over 1 km.
Digits... figures.... data.... code.
What do they mean?

15.9% over 500 m.
28. 24. 21.
Can you grasp them? Do you understand...?
What do they mean?

21.8% over 200 m.
What do they mean?

24% peak.

What does it mean?

Find out.

Feel the numbers.

Feel the pain.

The Details

Distance: 4.39 miles (7.11 km)
Climbing: 2100 feet (640 m)
Mean Grade: 9.1%
Steepest Kilometer: 14.2% (km 2.74 to 3.78)
Steepest 500 meters: 15.9% (km 3.33 to 3.86)
Shallowest Kilometer: 1.64% (km 6.01 to 7.04)
Shallowest 500 meters: 0.33% (km 4.60 to 5.10)
Also Used: 1995 week 9 (w/o On Orbit Lane)
1996 week 6
Format:mass start
Start: At the intersection of Sixth Street and Bohlman in Saratoga, one block south of Highway 9, next to the cemetary
Directions: Check out the interactive Yahoo map!
Finish:Top of Bohlman, near the dirt road to Montevena
Reg Time:10:00 am to 10:20 am
Start Time:10:30 am
Fee:$5 per entry, under 18 or over 65 free!, plus name of next of kin
Weather: Click here for local forecasts
Map: [course map]
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Profile: [course profile]
Click on profile for Lucas Pereira's Bohlman & On Orbit page.

Nine for Mortal Men doomed to ride,
In the Land of Bohlman where the Shadows hide.
One Climb to rule them all, One Climb to find them,
One Climb to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
In the Land of Bohlman where the Shadows hide.

mutilated badly from work of JRR Tolkein.

All data taken from Lucas Pereira

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